Thursday, 28 October 2010

Somnang a Year Later

Pinch me!!! Pinch me!!! Pinch me!!!

I've dreamt about this day since June - wanting to relive our day together, Somnang and I.

Mr. "Rock'' - our tuk-tuk driver - drove us to Kerry's house, and Somnang was taking a nap. Srey Mau - the house mother - brought her downstairs and just the sight of her "healed" me.

Of course I gave Kerry and her family a photobook of the pictures I had taken on my last visit to the orphanage and it was so interesting to observe Somnang looking at her pics of Oct 2009 when we found her
naked, homeless, motherless and nameless under a house.

Now she's safe & secure, growing, learning, AND PLAYING! Yesterday we brought Somnang and two of her older sisters (now she is the youngest of nine at Kerry's house) to our hotel pool. Ahhhh. Squeals of delight - and that was just me! Then to the ice cream parlor.

Gotta run. We're off to Geraldine Cox's place to have lunch with her 100+ children there!

Deb Quigley
AAI Volunteer

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