Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Grandma Taylor Lends a Hand

82-year-old Grandma Taylor called me from Maryland to say that she collected 90 boxes of workman's gloves to protect the hands of those clearing rubble and debris in Haiti. She was concerned that those laboring in the ruins may suffer cuts and infections from the wreckage. Andy Walton arranged for the transport of the goods to Florida, and by Saturday, she assures us, the gifts from Grandma will be protecting the hands of disaster relief workers clearing the rubble in Haiti.

Daniel Susott
AAI Medical Director

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  1. My wife’s business is a tiny supporter of AAI. We became ‘acquainted’ with AAI in October of 2008, when we participated in the first annual fundraiser at the UN building in NYC. Since the disaster in Haiti, we’ve visited the AAI blog on a routine basis, considering it an excellent source as to what is really going on in Haiti.

    We cannot tell you how much it means to get this type of insight into a catastrophe unparalleled in our western hemisphere human history. In their efforts, detailed in the blog, we saw much pain, death and misery but also hope, love and something else…


    Those reflections, journals, stories, hit that special nerve in one’s heart that said, “These people are incredible!” This includes the AAI volunteers, doctors, the military of the US Southern Command, all the people helping (there and here) and most of all the sorely wounded people of Haiti.

    For eighteen months now, I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around the ‘culture’ of AAI, more and more often in the last six months. In my five plus decades of circling old Sol on this good earth, I’ve rarely, if ever, been so ‘inspired’ in what I see in AAI, proof that in all people, there is good, if not greatness.

    I encourage all members of AAI and readers of this blog to do three things; 1) forward these blog posts to all your friends, family, acquaintances 2) participate in any way you can, whether this be providing material resources or your own time, in a manner befitting this effort and 3) comment. AAI needs to know you are ‘listening’ and too often we fail to tell each other when we are doing great things.

    In today’s technological revolution, still unfolding before our eyes, the power of the internet and social networking explodes consciousness and exposure like never before, giving people the chance to reach out and touch anyone, anywhere in the world, at any given moment, giving ordinary people the chance to do…

    Extraordinary things.

    Nancy and Dave, and all the ordinary people of AAI, you have our prayers, our ongoing support, and most of all our love.

    black & light co