Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Belinda Stronach Foundation's Precious Weekly Cargo

Tonight we are more or less in emergency mode with people at the door vying for a little food or water. The Belinda Stronach Foundation cannot underestimate how valuable their food shipments to Airline Ambassadors have been.

When even the police consider themselves lucky to shake you down for a case of water (they’ll take less if you tell them to come by the next week) things are indeed bleak in the whole city.

When I see armies staging and building giant new compounds everywhere around the airport, it only means one thing to me. It’s a shame the global community can’t put ALL its efforts into building an economy rather than building a fortress.

We are a minority of small NGO’s not living in the fortress and not engaging in the 16 cattle call food distribution points (80 lb. bags of rice that safely slide down a hill where they are gathered by fighting and desperate people). Do the math: just 16 food distribution points in a two million person area the size of the San Francisco peninsula with almost no economy...

We thank the Foundation profusely for its precious deliveries.

Dave Rivard
AAI Board Member

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