Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tired...but another medical team on the way

Very tired tonight. This will be short. Helped Dr Roger get his report done for the Minister of Health today. He did a nice job of describing the situation at CDTI hospital (yesterday's blog) to the minister, and suggesting a good option: Government provides assistance to CDTI which in turn creates a public wing for patients who cannot pay.

Got to have a real meal up at Roger's house while we worked on the report. Haitian food is good.

Downloaded the manifest for tomorrow's United Airlines flight in. Will be picking up 23 people. This time NO surgeons. All E.R. physicians, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatricians, Tropical medicine specialists, a PA, EMTs and paramedics, 3 logistics people, and a DENTIST! (I've been trying to get a dentist to come with us to Gonaives for the last 5 years).

I think we will be forming 4 or 5 mobile outreach medical teams tomorrow.

Jim Smith

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