Monday, 25 January 2010

Ernst Leo

A very gentle, eloquent man. He lost his wife of 10 years, his 5 year old daughter. His 7 year old daughter, Christine (pictured with Ernst), lost her right arm. She says she is eager to get back to school and is practicing writing with her left hand.

I was handing out bottles of water to the patients and families in a ward at the General Hospital of Port au Prince, Haiti. Ernst thanked me for the aid that we brought and for coming to help him and his people. I replied that it was a privilege to be there and added that my husband wasn't really happy that I came, that he was kind of upset because he felt it was so dangerous to be there with the aftershocks.

"Do you mean that you sacrificed your marriage to come and help me and our people?"

"Well, I hope not . . ."

We continued to chat for a while and then I left.

A little while later Ernst came looking for me with a letter in hand:

"Dear Mr. - I say you to thank you, because your wife has give me water me and family, and support me with generous. You have someone special. Thank you, Ernst Leo"

Deborah Quigley

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  1. Deborah is an angel indeed! Thank you for this moving story. My prayers for you and Haiti..