Monday, 18 January 2010

Getting Back Home from Haiti

Getting worried that a city with no food, water, electricity or fuel for public consumption could ultimately lead to chaos.

Got a motorcycle to get me to the border. I had to pay $100 USD.

Beautiful drive so different than Port au Prince, greenery, peacefulness, nice people.

But the need for gas still exists so we stopped to fill up gas for $10.00 per gallon!

Bribed someone to get me through the border quickly given the ridiculously long line of Haitians fleeing.

Got a cheap scooter from someone to get me to Jimani.

Found out all the buses are gone as they don't drive in the dark for safety reasons.

$300 for a car seemed the universal cab price to get to Santo Domingo airport.

Ultimately got it down to $200 where I don't pay for gas. As a requirement, I have to agree to take his friend to the hospital who threw out his back.

The car has 333,370 kilometers on it!!!!!

Learned that the the victim didn't have a back problem but a broken hip.

Car was too small. Located a bigger one and got her to the hospital while trying to administer what seemed like ineffective painkillers during the journey.

Stopped by Dominican army for not having a Haitian entry stamp. Tried explaining there are no customs or stamps. About to get detained, I called Ambassador Francis Lorenzo and he saved me!

It is nice to be out of PAP, but time to get back to work bringing more aid back into the country. I toured so many areas and we are - at least so far - the only NGO with any substantial presence in hard hit residential areas. I couldn't find any other non-profit group!

Daniel Sheth

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