Wednesday, 3 February 2010

CDTI Hospital & AAI Cement Agreement

Blogging from the OR lounge at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital back in Pueblo in between cases. I talked to Dr Jean-Charles (Airline Ambassadors Haiti President) this morning. He's at CDTI Hospital formalizing a memorandum of understanding between CDTI and Airline Ambassadors to continue keeping them supplied with medical professionals. That cements the process Dr Roger started when he dropped me off at CDTI on the day I arrived 5 days after the disaster.

He says the surgery volume is tapering down now. Time to get the non-surgical medical pipeline open at full throttle.

That's all for today.

Jim Smith

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  1. Good to hear that you are supporting haiti in the future and especially the CDTI hospital which is certainly the finest in town not only from an equipment standpoint but most importantly from the vision and work of the people behind it. It is unheard of in Haiti that a private hospital opens its door for all in time of needs with no consideration to their immense cost burden!!! I do not know how they can manage it and hope that their helpless dedication will be rewarded.It would be great if partnership between other medical institutions in the US and the CDTI could take place in light of the future challenge facing this country and its people in the future.