Saturday, 30 January 2010

The "Event"

My medical group has now teamed up with groups that provides all various needs. One group cooks and serves food, one group of contractors and engineers covers construction and rebuilding, and my team provides a medical care and public health clinic. Together, we are trying to serve the Haitian people and enable them to rebuild from the earthquake (or, as they refer to it, "the event" one wants any reminder of the earthquake).

ow that the initial help is filtering out. We are now left fighting old fractures, infection, and severe malnutrition...the worst cases imaginable.

Right now, my time is divided between the clinic and anesthesia at the hospital at night. The public health clinic I worked at today saw over 400 people between
about 7 doctors. Many of these people have never received medical care in their life,
so they are so very appreciate of anything. I started an IV on a 2 month old that was terribly dehydrated and took her over to the hospital.

Gotta go. Internet is running out.


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