Thursday, 10 December 2009

Chili-ing with New Friends

The meal we prepared for the Wounded Warriors was a great success for the soldiers AND us! Periodically I made announcements introducing the celebrity in our presence and handed out the printout about Robin and what she does. They were blown away and sooo appreciative and amazed. A few guys initially were kind of distant but then joined in. They finished off the chili con carne, and we had a little bit of the vegi-chili left over. We had soldiers who, due to their wounds, couldn't serve themselves (one was an officer) so it was an honor to prepare their plates.

Then we put out the word that I was a massage therapist - I had instant "best friends ever" from a number of injured soldiers. I couldn't work on anyone that is on pain medication so a few were disappointed, but the others were very appreciative!

Robin was in her element last night - she was with her people. She can dole it out (as in "smart mouth" and quick wit) with the best of them (see photo with two new friends...)! As for me - I'm a little slow to catch on sometimes - but that provided more laughter which promotes the healing process. YEAHHHH! And of course Sherry was right at home.

Sherry, Robin, and I are totally fulfilled and enjoying every aspect of this opportunity. Thank you, THANK YOU Airline Ambassadors!


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