Monday, 9 November 2009

Adult Literacy Campaign in Kep Cambodia

Daniel and Mardya Millay in front of Cambodia World Family's school in Kep, Cambodia. Chris Grace in the background. His aunt Wendy built the original school 12 years earlier.

Cambodia World Family, which provides food and shelter to Cambodian orphans as well as promoting adult literacy, was begun back in 1989 with funds donated by my parents. The program is still going strong. This photo shows a young grandmother in her 40's expressing how grateful she is that she has been taught to read and write so that she can now help her grandchildren with their lessons. She said she was too poor to go to school as a girl, but thanks to Cambodia World Family, she's literate now. It was a moving moment for me, especially as my mother, who did so much to empower disadvantaged women, recently died. Airline Ambassadors International is continuing her work.
(Dr Daniel Susott, AAI Medical Director)

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