Tuesday, 20 October 2009

AAI's Medical Director Dr Daniel Susott to travel to Cambodia

Aloha! I will be traveling back to Cambodia in late October to follow up on AAI's work with Language Corps, founded by AAI members Jerry and Jan Patton. Jerry and Jan were part of a previous AAI trip and provided a motorcycle for girls they have been sponsoring in Siem Reap. They also offered free language training to staff of the Cambodian Children's Fund and to FLOW (Future Light Orphanage ).

A very exciting part of this trip will be that I'll be traveling with some former orphans who I helped be adopted here in the U.S. many years ago. They are now returning to their country of origin to see what they can do for those less fortunate than themselves.


  1. Aloha Dr.Susott,
    The work you have done over the years is amazing.. I do not know if you remember me,I was your fathers Certified Nurses Aide in Hawaii..
    Ellen Brown Quirk